I am a freelance writer/blogger, policy/communication specialist, girl’s football/soccer coach, lover of travel and a good renovation/design project.  I like to write about travel, cultural experiences, sport, interiors and the funny side of life.  I am passionate about helping relevant voices and knowledge impact policy development at all levels.

I love a good story: hearing one, reading one, crafting one, sharing one. While in Paris I am working on a book about my experiences of coaching girl’s football/soccer in Scotland. I am also attending Creative Writing Workshops at Shakespeare & Co, blogging about Paris and developing other fiction and non-fiction projects.

Communication (Knowledge Exchange + Policy)
I had my first column in a local weekly when I was in 8th grade.  Ever since I have been involved in communication in some way. Most recently I have helped organisations and individuals tell their stories to a range of audiences.  I have particular experience in policy work and knowledge exchange.

“What a brilliant idea—hiring a smart and media-savvy person to package research for the potential users, including policymakers. We should clone Jennifer and each have a copy of her working for our organizations.”            

– Tim Nelson, Kennedy School, Harvard